P2 Consulting is the world’s leading Project and Programme Management Company. We work with you and your team to turn your business vision, objective, goal or strategy into reality. We bring a mix of leading-edge thinking combined with a hands-on approach to actively transform your business, leaving your business stronger, fitter and more profitable for having worked with us. The company was formed by a revolutionary team of entrepreneurial leaders and award winning consultants looking to transform the way the world thinks about ‘consulting’. Since our creation, our passion for delivering business success for our clients has driven our vision, our company and every member of our P2 Consulting team.


Financial and regulatory compliance

Compliance with increasingly stringent anti-money laundering, financial crime and regulatory legislation is a constant concern, P2’s in depth know-how ensures gaps are identified and promptly addressed before someone else finds them.


Business Transformation

There is immense pressure on business leaders to deliver bigger and faster returns. P2 Consulting helps successfully manage the transformation necessary to achieve growth, while maintaining operational excellence with finite resources.


Major Transactions

Be it Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestment, IPO or restructure, our major transactions team will support you from ‘the deal’ to make sure you exceed your Return on Investment.

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Programme Management Services

For over two decades our team has honed and refined its programme skills to develop a world-class suite of programme management services to deliver the most complex business initiatives, successfully, 100% of the time.

Strategy Enablement

Whether it is launching new products and services to market, entering new geographies, new business ideas or generating revenue growth, P2 Consulting provides the expertise to plan, launch, manage and deliver your success.

Technology Transformation

Our clients here are senior Technology Executives who value our impartial and bias-free approach to IT implementation and delivery. Our business model is independent of technology providers or outsource partners.

Financial Crime and regulation strategy

P2 are experts in delivering transaction monitoring, regulatory reviews, sanctions and anti-money laundering advice to provide clients with assurance that there are no surprises round the corner.

Major Transactions

P2 Consulting works with companies to ensure that they exceed financial returns on their investment decisions. Our major transactions team support Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestment, IPO or business restructure.

Power by P2 Consulting

Power acts as the backbone of every client assignment we undertake. The back-office support system is modular, highly configurable and interfaces seamlessly with the systems and tools you already have in place across your organisation.

P2 Consulting is at the forefront of project and programme management. Here we provide our latest insights and service offerings. We are regular contributors to news and feature articles, so, if you’re a journalist looking for an interview, insight or comment, we can help.

Reaping the Rewards

Reaping the Rewards

High-performing companies create tremendous value from their investments in transformation and change.

The Great Project Management Survey 2015

The Great Project Management Survey 2015

With over 1,000 participants this comprehensive Project Management survey tells us the current state of play with some striking discoveries…

The Golden IPO Egg

The Golden IPO Egg

The Golden IPO Egg 2014 has been a bumper year for stock market floatatons in London and abroad. SAGA, TSB, The AA and Pets at Home contributed to £7.4bn raised on the markets bythe end of August. Alibaba’s flotation was a majorsuccess. More is to follow with companies such as Jimmy Chooand Aldermore preparing for…

Has the RAG Status lost its value

Has the RAG Status lost its value

Has the RAG status lost its value? How often do you see projects stuck behind a Red orAmber status, with the team unable or unwilling tocall it one way or the other? Amber is the latter day “Buy IBM” equivalent (Nobody ever got fired for having an Amber status project) and it is often viewed…

IT Incidents – a costly legacy

IT Incidents – a costly legacy

How many times do we read that big organisations are having serious IT issues – web sites down, mobileapps failing, e-mail unavailable and back office functions unableto operate? In addition, there are countless lower profile IT issues in the background that demand business usersand staff to accommodate delays in service availability and undertake irritating alternatives…

Accelerated Business Transformation

Accelerated Business Transformation

Accelerated Business Transformation The UK economy has mounted a strong recovery over the past year and we expect this to continue throughout 2015-17. Most sectors and regions of the economy are now showing positive growth trends, with recent signs that business investment is also starting to pick up. In the longer term, re-shoring could also…


We only employ the best Programme Management professionals, chosen for their track record of successfully delivering programmes and for meeting exacting standards of client satisfaction. We also recognise that successful programme management requires a combination of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills, with the best people having specific industry knowledge and being well grounded in best practice programme management.

P2 Consulting provides the right environment for these talented professionals to do what they do best – focus 100% on you.